Accountability Coaching

As you learned in the generational wealth book, accountability is 1 of the most important tools on your journey to creating generational wealth.

I recommend finding someone who wants to create generational wealth to work with as accountability partners. But if you don’t have anyone to work with, or you prefer working with someone on my team, I offer accountability coaching.

Here’s how it works:

  • My team knows my system, so they know exactly what you’re trying to do.
  • Accountability coaching isn’t the same as the strategy sessions with me. A big part of my work with my clients is accountability, but it goes deeper than just accountability. If you want to work directly with me, read this.
  • My team can help you stay on track, but they aren’t trained for the deep work I do with clients.
  • Accountability coaching is an investment of $97 a month.
  • You schedule a call every week with one of my coaches.
  • You work with the same coach every week.
  • Calls are usually 10 minutes, but we schedule up to 15 minutes per call.
  • You also get access to accountability by email.

If you’re interested in accountability coaching, send me an email to get started. We’ll schedule a call to get started.